Envelope Manufacturing Tolerances

Normal machinery variances in the envelope manufacturing industry are +/- 2mm. This occurs because as machinery runs, it heats up, and metal expands.

In addition, normal wear in cylinders and bearings can cause subtle variations in cutting location and folding scores. As a result, your envelope may be ever so slightly larger or slightly smaller than you ordered.

Colour Variance – Website Imagery

All images on our website are representative. Whilst we try and replicate as close as possible the colour that you will receive, the inherent differences between monitors and display devices means that colour shading will vary from device to device depending on a number of factors including, but not limited to, Gamma setup, contrast, brightness, colour temperature settings and the type of monitor being used.

We provide details of the closest Pantone, CMYK, RGB and HEX codes for each of our shades to assist in colour matching, but if in doubt, please contact us or request a free colour swatch of the paper colour you are interested in before ordering to avoid any disappointment if your project requires a very specific shade of paper colour.

Flap Diameters / Flap Width

Flap diameters and widths as shown on this website are indicative of what you may expect to receive. The imagery for each envelopes shows the approximate angles and widths of flaps, but these may vary very slightly between sizes, depending on the cutter used to create the flap. In the case of “diamond flap” envelopes, radius may vary slightly from the image shown but where possible will be as shown on the website. If in any doubt, please contact us for clarification if an exact flap radius or width is required for your project.